Face plate cracked?

Started by ghosttown, October 25, 2015, 05:25:20 PM

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I thought I read something here that Bradley will ship a new replacement for free as mine has now cracked and I know its a common problem.

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Did you register your Bradley and are you within the warranty period?  If the answer to both questions is yes, the good folks at Bradley will take care of you.


Register nope and if the warranty is only a year I passed that going on my 2nd year

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The faceplate cracked on my OBS a few years ago.  I bought a new one and did the Front Feet Modification.  It seems to be OK now that there's no pressure on the faceplate.

I ordered a new faceplate from Yard & Pool.

Bradley Smoker Replacement Lower Face Plate


Cool thanks didn't know it was that cheap. I did buy the extra bumpers last week to do this but I guess it cracked right after I purchased them go figure.

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I purchased my OBS over 9 years ago. Face plate cracked during 2nd year. Never replaced it, never modified the feet, and never had an issue. I store it indoors and slightly elevate the front with  a thin piece of wood when smoking. (Cut up ruler)
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