Digital Generator display not lighting up

Started by ashman, November 22, 2016, 07:23:13 AM

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The digital display on the generator smoke box will not light up.  The box still works, heats up and pushes pucks.  The fuse on the back of the generator is good.
Is there an in-line fuse I may be missing or do I need to replace the digital panel?


Check to see if you have a loose connection first.
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To check the inline fuse, use a computer cord to plug the smoker cabinet into an outlet, bypassing the smoke generator.  If the element heats up, the inline fuse that is inside the back of the smoker is OK.

Then check your smoke generator for loose wires.  After doing some service to my smoke generator, I discovered I had knocked the brown? Wire loose from the fuse holder, so the heating element wouldn't work.