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Started by andyh101, September 13, 2017, 11:38:22 AM

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Hi All

I'm very new to this smoking hobby

I live in the UK and due to my small business I have very good contacts with local abattoirs to purchase meat

I have acquired a Bradley Original and as much as I have looked in this forum and purchased a couple of books

I am after a few simple helps/hints to get me started

My main aim is to get some streaky bacon on the go

But to start I would appreciate some direction on

1 Hot smoking Garlic- How long and what temperature

2 Hot Smoking Chicken Breasts -Dry or wet cure, How long to cure, How long to smoke and what temperature

3 Hot Smoking Salmon - How long to dry cure and smoke and what temp

My apologies for the simple questions but I thought I would ask for advice