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Started by Tom Sav, May 26, 2019, 04:42:12 AM

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Tom Sav

I was smoking a 15 pound brisket and 2 x 4lb pork butts. The brisket went on at 6pm at 230 degrees. It smoked for 4 hours and was wrapped in foil. At 10 i added the pork butts unwrapped. My gfci tripped around 1 am and the smoker turned off. When i got up this morning at 6:30 the brisket had a temp of 130 and the pork 85. I immediately turned the smoker back on. Is this meat going to be safe to continue smoking?

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Hi Tom Sav;

Welcome to the forum. Sorry if you didn't get a response earlier. I hope this is still in time to help.

With the information you provided, if you handled the meat properly prior to placing it in the smoker, the brisket should be alright. What I mean by that is that the meat wasn't unrefrigerated for any extended period of time. What was the temperature of the smoker?

Since it is solid muscle, the main concern is the surface of the meat. Smoke is a antimicrobial, so that helps retard the growth of bacteria, also if you seasonings have salt, that also contributes to the slowing down of the growth of bacteria. Since the temperature of the brisket was 130°F, I'm sure the surface was above 140°F.

I've had butts in the smoker longer than you had yours, and the meat temperature hadn't reached above 85°F. Did you apply smoke to the butts prior to the gfci tripped? If you were able to apply the smoke, there would be less concern. The temperature of the cabinet when you discovered the problem would be helpful. If it was 130°F or higher, then I would say the butts are safe to consume.



Quote from: Alex9 on July 18, 2023, 10:52:50 AM
i unplugged the probe and moved it to the other probe slot on the back of the PID controller and the results are the same vidmate.

Alex, you replied to a 4 year old thread.  Please give some more background information about whatever it is that you're trying to fix.