17lb shoulder

Started by Kalamazoo, December 08, 2019, 01:45:30 PM

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If I cut a full shoulder into 2, should the timing be close to what a single 8.5lber would be? Bradley OTC. 225 deg.

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Not even close. I'd estimate increasing the expected time by at least 50%.
Especially if you only have a single 500 watt element. At very least you should let the cuts come up to room temp before placing in the smoker. You can even bring them up to 100 F in your oven and then straight into the preheated smoker and get the smoke period going immediately.

The more you put in the longer it takes to reach finish temps, especially with solid large cuts like you described. With preheating cuts and smoker I'd guess about 18- 20 hours min.
It's going to take a lifetime to smoke all this.

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If this is a pork shoulder you should separated the group of muscles at the joint. This will give you a butt (upper shoulder), and the picnic cut (lower leg). This may give you a butt larger than 8.5 pounds. I find the two separate cuts cook at different rates. The picnic cut; the meat is leaner and has less tough connective tissue, so it will cook faster. You can still cook them to the same internal temperature, if you desire. If I get one with the skin is still attached I will remove the skin and remove the extra fat - trimming it down to about 1/8-inch. If you leave the skin on, your are looking at additional cooking time. The skin and fat releases a lot of moisture; which will keep your cabinet temperature down. Also I would place the butt cut on the lower rack.

As Orion stated, it will take additional time for the cabinet to get up to your set temperature, but how much extra time I couldn't guesstimate. Once the cabinet is at your set temperature it will not take any longer than  a 8.5 butt, or the weight of the butt once you separate the picnic end. When I smoke/roast a single 8 - 9 pound butt it will take about 20 hours, and I have a dual element mod,  but again your additional will time come from how long it takes your Bradley to get up to your set temperature.