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Started by Bworek1, February 29, 2020, 07:36:37 AM

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I purchased a separate ambient temp gauge for the smoker and for the most part the temps align. 

I guess my question is how worried should I be about temp variations between the two (which would be more accurate).  Also, sometime the temp jumps on both 5-10 degrees but then comes down.  Will this impact cooking times?  Is this normal?


No need to concern yourself about minor temperature fluctuations or difference in readings between the two temp probes.
These smokers all have a range of plus/minus in relation to the temperature setting you choose. These swings will not affect cooking times to any noticeable degree. In a way the swings cancel one another out.
If you are getting into more detailed smoking such as sausage temperature control is more critical and a PID can be utilized to maintain steady temperature settings.

The difference in temperature readings between the factory sensor and your aftermarket one is possibly due to probe location within the smoker. There are substantial temperature differences within the cabinet areas due to many factors including vent position, outside temperature, type and amount of product placed within . Generally the upper rack areas are somewhat cooler than the lower racks.

Nothing you have described is unusual or going to affect your product unless you are doing temperature sensitive things like sausage.
It's going to take a lifetime to smoke all this.

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Those temperatures comparison is fairly tight for the digital. Usually most members report a much wider swings. If you are comparing two different thermometers to obtain your readings, you should check their accuracy by using the boiling point of water. In your situation you will only be able to test one of the thermometers. Thermometers (including the digitals) can be up to 5°F to 10°F off. The below link will take you to a Boiling Point Calculator. If you know the barometric pressure type that in, if you don't know it use the default setting. Or you can click on the button "Find Pressure/Elevation". I just calculated mine, and it is 210°F (209.48°F)
Boiling Point Calculator

Your elevation is very important, but the Weather Underground site gives the elevation of the center of the town you live in. Weather Underground's elevation for my town is 60 feet lower than my actual location. If you want a more accurate elevation click on the below link, and type in your address.
What's My Elevation