Forgot to precook ribs!!

Started by BarbCanada, September 27, 2020, 12:59:05 PM

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I seasoned my new smoker and then preheat and put the ribs on

Then I see the recipe says to precook in the oven for an hour.

Will they be okay if I smoke for 3 hours?  Can I put them in the oven after if needed? 

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Hi BarbCanada;

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It's a good thing you forgot that step. Starting the ribs in the smoker you will develop a better smoke flavor. Once the smoke is applied you can move the ribs to the oven - if needed, or leave them in the smoker to continue to smoke. I will often use a dual cooking method. What I mean by that is to start in the smoker, and then finish with another cooking method, such as an oven or grill. Especially for chicken with skin. I prefer to crisp the skin at the end of cooking using a grill, broiler or very hot oven. Also if you are running short of time, placing the food in the oven will speed up the cooking time.



Thank you. I will put them in the oven in time for super tonight!!