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Started by kraygon, June 22, 2021, 08:41:42 PM

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  hello all 8)\

  so I work at a thrift shop and what was thought was a small refer turned out to be a bradley smoker

  came with a full stack of pucks loaded and was in like new condition (not drip of tallow but that faint hue of BBQ brown), a extra bag of pucks which were to large
  and missing the plug from puck dispenser to smoker
  i did some research and said hey i could sell it for 200 or 250 if i had the plug

  but had to to try it out first

  so i went and bought a slab of corned beef and and a couple of 3" rib steaks and after 4 hrs on the steaks, 8hrs on the slab and 5 pucks left
  sliced it all up

  my crew said it was the best they ever tasted
  i had to keep the door ajar and a little MacGyvering to keep it it around the sweet spot of 2oo but hey

  i then bought it my self after i found it on sale at cabelas for 250  -  i paid 150

  smoked a larger non corned slab (of course rubbed to perfection) and a couple of tomahawks (gave one to my boss to share with his wife just to gain some points with him)
  but had to cut down the extra pucks to fit and add onto the heating pad manually

  and the crew again said "woah"

  cant find any right size pucks near me in stock but plenty online
  and still have to find out if i really need that plug

  :waves: kraygon


Habanero Smoker

Hi kraygon,

Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you got a great deal, and making good use of it. Smoke is an individual flavor. You may be able to save on the bisquettes by cutting down on the amount of smoke you apply to your steaks, and other cuts of meat.

Do you know what model it is, and whether it is a 110 or 220 volt. You shouldn't have to crack the door to prevent the smoker from going over 200°F. The controller on the puck dispenser (generator) would allow you to control the temperature in the smoker cabinet. If you get that plug (short cord) that connects the generator to the smoker cabinet, that would enable to control the temperature better. It seems as if you have the smoker cabinet plugged directly into a wall socket. Running it this way can be unsafe; since it could overheat and cause a fire. That plug is inexpensive, should be easy to find and replace, since they have standardize connectors. So you should get that plug right away.



ya had to play with it a little,  made a wooden door stop and had to adjust the door till get the brisket to the 200 mark to melt the gris

the steaks where done early cause of the temp kept ramping up to 250 but gave em a nice crust

i did get the plug and notice the light will illuminate with the twist of the dial

and its a 120v

going to try to make some homemade cheese and hopefully i can keep the temps down


Habanero Smoker

Good to hear you got the short cord. Controlling the temperature should now be easier. I provided a link to the manual that you can download, just click on the link below.

Bradley Owner's Manual

For cheese you may find even though you can now control the heat, you may need to fetch that wooden door stop again to prop the door open to help keep temperatures down. :) Also you can place ice inside the smoker to help keep the temperature down, just make sure you place the ice in a container to collect the water as the ice melts. You want to stay around 70°F, and not go over 90°F.  If you haven't done so already go to the Vegetable, Cheese, Nuts section, there is more information there.

Let us know how the cheese turns out.