Pre-cooked jumbo shrimp

Started by gumby2383, November 23, 2021, 07:23:21 AM

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Hello all! I'm new to the forum and have had my Bradley Smoker Original for just over a year. I haven't used it a lot but the meats I have cooked have turned out beautiful (boneless chicken breasts, 26# turkey and even a venison shoulder 😋🔥)
My question is how do I smoke pre-cooked, peeled, deveined jumbo shrimp? What wood do you recommend? And I plan on using"Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning so if you have some recipes please share those as well. TIA

FYI: Indiana resident and temps are in low 30s for now

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Hi gumby2383;

Welcome to the forum.

Just wanted to applaud you for smoking a 26 pound turkey in the Bradley.

I've tried not to reheat pre cooked shrimp. They always turn out to rubbery for me. You may want to search for "butter bath shrimp" recipe techniques, and reduce the cooking time.



Hey gumby2383 and welcome to the forum

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