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Started by happycamper, August 23, 2022, 09:29:25 AM

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has anyone had an issue with no smoke.the box heats up fine,ive only used my smoker 5 times its coming up to the 1 year old date.ive reached in and took the puck out,just started on 4 racks of salmon.i cant see a fuse anywhere. set the smoker to 140f then 5 hrs time,with 4 hrs smoke,pucks are dropping without a burn mark.

thank you for your time


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Hi happycamper,

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You should contact Bradley right away, since your warranty is about to expire.

Your problem is extremely unusual. If the bisquette burners do not work, that should shut your P10 down. There are bisquette heat sensors, and if they don't detect a certain amount of heat within in a certain amount of time, it will disable your heating elements. At least that is what happen to mine, but Bradley may have change that function in later firmware upgrades.

if the bisquettes are sitting on the burners for approximately 20 minutes and do not smolder, then the issue is your bisquette burners. If the bisquettes are just cycling through without resting on the burners, then there is a problem with the turntable. Either problem it is best to contact Bradley.



After a few years, I have just experienced this SAME, EXACT problem.  No error code, turntable turns normally every 20 min and dumps the completely unburnt puck.  I updated the firmware, cleaned it out carefully with q-tips, etc.  nothing.  There is about ZERO information on the internet to troubleshoot.


The situation you're in is really uncommon. Your P10 should turn off if the bisquette burners are not functioning. Bisquettes have heat sensors, and if they don't pick up enough heat within a given amount of time, the system shuts down.



same issue today as well  no smoke  ive wasted more bisq on this piece of crap than ive actually burned. wish i could send back

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Somethings I do to make sure my P10 is not dumping my bisquettes unburnt into the water pan is:

1- I don't load any bisquettes until after the P10 has powered up.

2- If I don't see any smoke coming out of the vent, within the first 20 minutes after the first bisquette got to the burner plate, I unload the chute and wait for the fist bisquette to drop in the water pan. Once that first bisquette has dropped, I'll open the door and check the bisquette. If it is burnt I reload the chute. If it is not fully burnt, I figure the burner was not at full temperature when the first bisquette landed on it. (Most of the time my first bisquette does not fully burn, but the the following bisquettes burn completely).  I will then let the second bisquette advance to the burner, if I see an adequate amount of smoke I know the bisquette is burning completely. If I still have doubts, I'll check that bisquette to see if it fully is burnt. Finally, if after you check the bisquette, and it shows no signs of burning; unload the chute, because you most likely have a sensor problem, and contact Bradley. Fortunately I have never come across this problem.

Here is what a Bradley technician sent me in regards to why bisquettes are not burning in the P10

"clarification on a few technical aspects related to the problem of bisquettes not burning. In most cases, when customers experience issues with bisquettes not burning, it can be attributed to a burner sensor problem.

There are three possible scenarios for the bisquettes not burning:

1.            Display shows ERR6 – this indicates a sensor open circuit. It could be caused by a loose wire within the sensor housing (burnt open) or incorrect polarity when the customer replaced the sensor. It is worth noting that the sensor can be installed incorrectly if one tries hard enough.

2.            Bisquettes advance every 20 minutes but remain unburnt. This occurs when the sensor is burnt, but the positive lead makes contact with the chassis of the burner plate, sending a faulty signal to the program.

3.            The burner is hot, but the advancing mechanism does not move at all. In this case, the sensor is burnt, but the neutral lead makes contact with the chassis of the burner plate, sending a faulty signal to the program.

When the customer initiates the burning process, the burner plate gradually heats up. It does not apply full power to the burner elements right away. Depending on the grid power, it takes approximately 18-20 minutes to reach the operating temperature before the program allows the bisquette to advance onto the burner plate.

I hope this technical explanation helps you understand how the burner operates and the symptoms it may exhibit.
In the mentioned cases, we recommend that customers contact our support portal at [email protected]  to have the issue resolved."



Sorry to hear about the issue you're facing with your smoker. It sounds like the smoke isn't generating properly, and the pucks are dropping without burning. Have you checked the heating element and the wood puck feeder for any potential issues? If you're unable to locate a fuse, it might be worth reaching out to the manufacturer's customer support for assistance. Hopefully, you'll get your smoker back to working condition for that delicious salmon.


It sounds like you're experiencing issues with your smoker, specifically with the lack of smoke despite the box heating up fine. The burner assembly may be clogged or dirty. Carefully clean the burner assembly according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper combustion.

If the issue persists, and your smoker is still under warranty or if you need professional assistance, consider reaching out to the manufacturer's customer support. They can provide guidance based on the specific model of your smoker.
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