Temperature vs Electric cord size

Started by calsail, December 07, 2003, 03:12:29 PM

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I posted a few weeks ago as a novice.  Now that I have smoked salmon and baby backs and both were incredible I am an expert. Yea- right!  My question before was that of getting the temperature over 180-190.  I now realize that there is probably no good reason to get the temperature over 190--"low and slow", but a few recipes call for 200-225 and my Bradley would not reach that temp.  SO I tried changing from a 16 gague extention cord to a 10 gauge.  Amazingly--the temperature shot up to 240 in a short period.  I could now place the temperature regulator in the middle of the setting and get 180-190 with a lot of room for adjustment to a highewr level if necessary.

Moral- use a heavy gauge extention cord.