Thinking about buying a Bradley Digital Smoker

Started by wicz, April 18, 2007, 08:34:32 AM

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Welcome and looking forward to hearing the adventure  ;)

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NOW THAT'S A SMOKED OYSTER (and some scallops)


Picked up the smoker at Cabela's Friday night and got it all setup.  Just need to find time to season it and time to smoke a brisket.  Thank you everyone for all your help and I will keep you update on the smoking...



  Keep us posted - with picture if possible.
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NePaSmoKer,  What do you have your Bradley sitting on?  Where did you get it at?  What do other users use as a stand for their smoker?


I smell a sale.......Nepa , tell Wicz about the camp kitchens at Cabelas 8)



I made some homemade contraption out of scrap wood that I am not very proud of. It is the right hieght with castors so I can roll it to and from the garage. I think it would have been easier to buy something than to build it, but what the hell, I had fun and farted around the garage for the first time in a long time.
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