smoker does not push old puck all the out

Started by kcbeave, September 25, 2004, 03:52:45 AM

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I have a new SS bradley and the 1st puck smoked and was pushed into the bowl of water but after the 2nd one was finished, it was only pushed partway. It hung about half way over the edge until the next puck was pushed.
Is there any type of adjustment for this?


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no there is not an adjustment for the puck advancer. IMO the best thing to do is remove the smoke generator from the cabinet and make sure nothing is obstructing the advancer or the pathway of the puck.Sometimes wood chips can get in there. If after this it continues I would call Bradley, they have great customer service.

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I had the same problem using mine for the first time,seems the vent was closed too much and the steam was wafting out the generator hole causing the pucks to become too soft to push through,just a thought