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Started by ALDblDwn, June 23, 2007, 12:42:52 PM

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new user as just got my DBS father's day....great results with prime rib and a pork tenderloin so far....friends coming over tonight and thought I'd try a brisket...maybe too bold on my part but too late now. Anyway, keeping it brief, took ideas from forum for what to do. 6lb flat...set temp at 190 and smoke which began at 6am..smoke was set to turn off at 12pm....took brisket out and placed in foil boat and tented with baste of apple juice.....put back in smoker and set temp to's been sitting at 140 internal temp for last 2 hrs with maybe 1 degree fluctuation.......expecting to take out at 6pm to it time for me to get concerned about internal temp not rising or is it holding steady for while to jump quicker later???? saw some who said it may plateu for a time.....anyway, did I mess up placing in foil during cooking? should I take it back out of foil to finsih cooking? any ideas are appreciated as I was hoping to have this thing ready to eat about 8pm.


I was in a hurry last weekend and stuck mine in the oven at a much higher temp.  Alas when it hit 195 it was still tough in the middle.   It ended up being over cooked once I got it tender.  Never rush I guess is the lesson.  I was also having heating problems with my smoker which I will be posting info about.  Once the meat hits about 140 it stops absorbing smoke flavor.  However the outside coating of the meat may require longer time "steam" free to proplery crust up.