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Not been around much because........
« on: July 07, 2007, 12:33:40 pm »
I got the first 3D game I ever played. In fact the game I cut my on-line teeth on. Mech2 Titanium Trilogy.  I got this game in the first quarter of 1998.  It took some looking but I found a real working work-about to XP.

If anyone wants these three Games... E-mail me as I have the ISO upload for all three games. Burn them to their own CD and you should be good to go.  Plus I will supply the patch that makes it run on XP. I'm also creating a manual in a PDF format but that is slow going. The manual is not small.

Smoking a butt tomarrow....  ;D... while my wife and go to a movie and later have drinks. After that we will do what old folks do... the same cotton pickin' thing we did when we were younger.... hehehehe  ::)
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