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Started by smokergirl, August 24, 2007, 01:38:59 PM

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Thanks Gizmo!

I'll be checkin it out!

I have read other posts of some people complaining that thier smokers don't seem to get as hot as they would like.
Ex: The box will say the max temp is 320 F. I can't get mine much above 270 F. Not that I am smoking at these temp's but was mostly curious whether it was working properly or not?

Should I be worried about it? The Smoker is only 3 weeks old, so i could trade it for a new one. But no point if the new one is exactly the same.... Just not sure if it is normal or not?



I have never tried to get above the 270-280 range as that is the temperature that I wait to reach before loading the box up with meat.  We'll have to wait for other to chime in on that.   Arcs and Sparks always has some great technical details on the electrical capabilities and I believe he and others have put up some posts in the past.
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I've never tried to drive it really hot. I know Oldman and others have taken it pretty high. I do not know what the thermal cut-out setpoint is for these.

The puck burner is about 125 watts, and the main element 500. So think of having six 100 watt light bulbs in there. Burning pucks, you will never close off the vent, so that does not help realize the ultimate high temperature (vent closed, everything else on).



Thanks for all the info everyone!

Finally got a chance to give it a try again. I let the smoker cycle 3 times and the max temp it would go up to was only 265 F and the unit would shut off. ?

Kind of strange I think. Might take it back for another and If the new one is the same, then I guess that is the way it should be...

I'll let ya know!

:o Dashdriver


Sounds like the thermal cut-out is too low.....


Habanero Smoker

I may have missed this information, so excuse me if it is being asked again. What are you using to measure the cabinet temperature? If you are using a temperature probe, are you locating it near the sensor? Are you leaving the smoke generator on?



Yup... Smoke generator is on and the oven Temp gauge I have was placed on the middle shelf.. When the unit shut down, both temp gauges showed the same thing... about 265 - 275 was the max...  :-\

So...... anyway...... Just my luck, I take it back to Canadian tire... come home with another one (Brand new in the box)..... Guess what???? Dam thing was in real bad shape!!! Door seal leaked, and the wood pucks kept jamming almost everytime 20 min was up.. I could not believe it... The max temp I could get out of the new one was 280 and it would shut down... So I assume this is the way it is.. Its normal.

As the story goes, I call Canadian Tire and tell them it was actually a problem with my extension cord and that I want the smoker that I returned to them back. (Due to the fact the new one has problems)

The next day.. I pick up my old smoker and bring it home.. Planned on smokin some chicken - I get it all set up and go to pre-heat it and the temp knob is missing? I look closer and the entire bottom plastic is all cracked... Looked like someone kicked the living *&*^%$%#@# out of it!!!!

Once again I take it back ... no more smokers left on the shelf.. Off to Huntsville I go. Two hours later back home gettin the new smoker seasoned!

The new one works perfect. Just for kicks I let it max out and it shut down when it hit about 280 F. Confirmed on the oven temp gauge I had inside. Obviously its normal for it to shut down at that temp... Due to the fact this is now 3 different smokers I have tried!


The whole thing was a lot of running around.. But at least ---- now I know its workin Just Fine!

Can't wait to smoke something on the new smoker!

:D  Dashdriver

Mr Walleye


Your in the driver's seat now, lookin' over the Dash!  ;)

Sorry Dash.... Bad humor!  ;D

I just finished feasting on 3 racks of back ribs.... mmmmmmmQ  :P

Good luck


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Hey Mike! Hows the Thanksgiving goin? The Ribs sound great! Im just about to throw the turkey into the oven.. Oh ya.. gonna be good..

Not sure what time I'll be crackin that first beer today... But probably earlier then normal !

Dave    :D

Mr Walleye

We're heading to the inlaws today for the traditional feast. (about 23 of us) The ribs were just a warm up!  ;)
The wife even mixed me a few whisky's while I tended to the ribs.

Holidays are always good with the family.
You guys & gals have a good Thanksgiving!


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I hope all of you folks across our northern border have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  ;)

Our Thanksgiving is in November and I plan on smoking a lot of butt freeze it and drive over to Jacksonville during Thanksgiving.  Some of my realatives will finally get to try some of my smoking and Iceman's Sauce to boot.  Would rather smoke it there, but weather patterns get strange in November here.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Mr Walleye

Thank's Wldcat

Sounds like you have your Thanksgiving cased as well!  ;)

Have a great one!


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Thanks Wildcat.. Thanks Mike...

The turkey was amazing. The weather was not to bad.. Looked like rain all day but didn't happen.

I found a recipe someone posted a while back. Did this for breakfast.

I used a package of lil smokies, 1 lb. of bacon and about a cup of brown sugar.  Cut the bacon into thirds and wrapped each smokie with a piece of bacon.  Popped them in the smoker for about an hour, during which I covered a cookie sheet with foil and sprayed some no-stick spray on there.  After I removed them from the smoker, i rolled each in brown sugar to coat, and spread them out on the foil.  Into the oven for about 10-15 minutes at 400 (or until the bacon is crisp and the sugar is bubblin).

I actually just used some breakfast sausages wrapped with half a strip of bacon. The rest I did the same as above.. Turned out very good!



This is just a test... I'm trying to figure out how to post a pic.. Just for kicks.

Seeing if I can post one from facebook