Any body do kippered salmon ala Jack Whelan?

Started by DocZ, November 23, 2007, 08:08:11 AM

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I am ready for my first batch! My CCW fan is in, and my maverick monitor is good to go. My unit is a DBS6. I know that there's a learning curve getting to control things with these smokers, so I am hoping some one on this forum has done kippered salmon ala Jack Whelan? I've used him as my main guru and done his kippering system at least twenty times over the years. I've just about decided that i will have to do the cooldown box to keep smoking temp down to 90-100F,right? Do you folks generally use the smoker to get your pellicle formed or is the fan too inefficient for this task? Maybe with door-open is doable? I think I saw pics on the forum posts with racks laid out over newspapers on a table,. Is that what most people do? Anything else to look out for?  My fish is thawed and I'm doing my brine now, so I hope I catch some's attention soon. Thanks! <`))>><