Help - I burn my ribs every time

Started by mitchell, November 12, 2004, 11:51:44 PM

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I bought my smoker this week and have made ribs 3 times now. I smoked them at 220 for four hours with the vent opened just slightly at the top. What could I be doing wrong?


More details needed.  What kind of ribs? Are you doing a rub and refrigerating 24+ hours wrapped up with the rub? Mopping? Any bacon on the ribs or above to drip down and keep moist?  Using external thermometer with meat probe and oven probe?  I admit my ribs have been lousy the first two times, but that was before I invested in my Maverick and my BBQ Guru.  

I am sure the many rib-meisters will chime in with suggestions, but most will need more information to help you analyze to find a new approach.

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I agree with Bill.  Need more info.  How many racks?  Which rack(s) did you use for cooking?  How much smoke did you use?  What kind of wood?  Was the meat actually burnt or just tough?

Some say BBQ is in your blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.
Some people say BBQ is in the blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.

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Would like to say that my smoked leg of lamb was quite the success.  As stated earlier used a wet rub the night before (cracked yellow mustard and black pepper,little sea salt, a little brown sugar, a little corrieander, minced garlic, and rosemary...not too much,and two table spoons of WO sauce and olive oil to form the wet rub, and rubbed with garlic olive oil prior to putting in the smoker.

Smoked for about 3 hours at 210F using a combination of apple and maple.  Wrapped in saran, foil, and towel, for almost 3 hours..took off the smoker at an internal temperature of 149F... and then preheated at 200F in the oven later in the evening prior to serving it.  Lamb was medium.  Very tender, moist,very rich but the smokey flavour did not overide the wonderful taste of lamb...really enhanced it.    Guests raved about it.  Obviously, the leg of lamb had enough fat to self baste.  In addition, I did spray 3 or 4 times with apple cider.  Don't think it could of been done much better.

No way that pork or beef could of competed on this day![;)]



Way to step up to the plate and try something different.  It sounds great and I'll be trying one soon[:D].

Some say BBQ is in your blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.
Some people say BBQ is in the blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.



Like everyone else, tell us more.  One thing, I don't do my ribs at 220, I back it down to 200.  Also what type, spare or loins.  Also open your vent to about 1/3.  Do you have a remote thrmometer??  Love to know your internals.  Did you fill the smoker completely up?  DId you rotate you racks???  I am not saying ribs are easy but with a little care you can get a good product.


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