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Started by Smoked, December 27, 2007, 08:47:08 PM

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Thanks for the responses to my previous question regarding sensor wire routings, etc. for using the maverick temperature sensor with my digital Bradley.    Here's another one for you to ponder...  IF I read the instructions right regarding the remote transmitter unit, before I use it--each time-- I must (a) remove/unsnap the clip, (b) using a coin or screwdriver remove the panel from the back to access the on/off switch and turn the unit on, (c) "pair" the transmitter with the wireless receiver, (d) replace the back cover and tighten, and (e) reinstall the clip--and do all of this in reverse order when I'm done smoking for the day. 

The on/off switch on the receiver is accessible even with the belt clip is installed so I'm not sure why the on/off sequence is so much more cumbersome on the transmitter--if it's solely to allow the transmitter to be used in the rain and be somewhat waterproof, I'd hope there would be an easier way-- but being a noob I might be missing something which is why I wanted to ask all of you Maverick "veterans".

I've heard tons of praise from theis forum regarding the Maverick and its ability to accurately monitor the smoker and food temps--but I hadn't heard if there's a way to avoid doing all of this each time I want to use it--?

Sorry for the long post-- but if anyone is doing anything different with their Maverick please let me know.




Short answer is you got it right.  It is a pain.  The cover does have a gasket and keeps the transmitter inside components water tight as I suspect the manufacturer realizes there is a lot of moisture around smokers.   I leave the belt clip off on the transmitter so just have to remove the compartment door. 
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Here's a good tip that I missed when posted earlier.  The ET73 is a "smoker thermometer" meaning that it shouldn't be used in high temp settings, like when you're searing a prime rib at 425 heat for an hour or so.  Probes foul at that temp.

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It's actually not as cumbersome as it sounds.  I can lock/unlock with my thumbnail (and I keep my nails short; well one is a little longer but that's to open my Skoal cans) and the pairing takes place on it's own as long as you turn on the receiver first.  I suspect that Gizmo is spot on about it.  Surely they would have done it in an easier way if it was possible.  At least I'd like to think so  :D 

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Thanks gang-- just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong! ;D