4 rack vs 6 rack ?? HELP !

Started by tvp, March 18, 2008, 03:34:10 PM

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Ok guys which one would you buy, what has the best results , even temps etc,  we are talking about the digital unit

Pro,s vs Con,s of the two sizes ,

They use the same wattage and cooking power


TVP ???


Hi TVP, The smoke unit is identical, it depends on how much you want to smoke. We have the 4 rack as there are only 2 of us and find its easy to lift and store in the shed.


I haven't heard of any issues as far as even temps on either size as long as you rotate the racks if you have a smoker full. If I have 2 or 3 racks full on my DBS, then I will rotate them at least once during a smoke. As nickcb said, it depends on how much you want to smoke at one time. Only 2 people in my house, too, and smoking jerky is the only time I fill up 4 racks. Usually only 1 (brisket, butt, turkey, etc) or 2 (ribs, fish)-and 3 racks full for cheese. The 4 rack holds more food than I thought it would.