Smoked and Fryed Turkey

Started by BigRed, November 30, 2004, 12:19:45 PM

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Well, gang here goes, the outcome of the smoked then fryed 12 lb Turkey. The overall group feeling was Good. BUT I felt that it might have fryed too long. AFter smoking with appled wood for 4 hours, I fryed it according to the instructions with the new electric fryer which was 3 mins. a poound plus 5 mins. With the new fryer you jack the oil temp.(according to instructions)to 400 degrees. When the bird is in it dropped to 300 degrees and stayed around that temp. When the bird smoked the smoking chamber was about 110 to 120 degrees. Cold Smoked for 4 hours.I think the extra 5 minutes and the 4 hours in the smoker made the bird a little well done when you followed the instructions.  Next time cut out the 5 min.

The ducks turned out great. Since there is sooo much fat with them and to control it. I cold smoked for 4 hours with hickory. Double wrapped them in foil and then put foil and all on the Weber to med. off med. Left them for another 4 hours and the meat fell off the bone.
Did get some left overs and sucked it all up for another day.