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66 items and a ton to go
« on: January 20, 2005, 02:06:22 am »
Calling it quits early tonight...then again I started 4 1/2 hours ago.

At the moment the group has collected/ gleaned 66 items. JJC piece on Brining and Curing will be up tomarrow. He wrote to me: "Habanero just sent me his comments on the Curing and Brining piece, and they
were very helpful.  I've incorporated them into the final version, which is attached as both a Word file and a pdf."  

bsolomon also has written up very nice piece on wood types.

As I said it will be tomarrow night before I add JJC piece. After that when you folks get time check out both of these find articles.

Again the person I feel sorry for is nsxbill...he has to proof read everything that is posted.

Hopefully all of the posted recipes will have been glean by late next week. After that we put more effort into the list that bsolomon created.

Oh one more thing. Not all recipes are written here in a 1,2,3, order. So I do my best to figure out what is what and re-write it out. If you see something that I made a mistake on let me know. Please makes sure to include the title of the posting.

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