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Thanks for reporting back.

My control panel can be picky at times, especially when I'm trying to set the temperatures for the meat probes (but now I rarely use them). When the panel is operating "normally" I have to be careful to make sure I push the buttons dead center, and move slowly. On rare occasions, I found that I had to shut the smoker down and reboot it to get the panel to work better. Most of the problems occur when it is colder. To make sure that yours is operating as intended, maybe you should contact Bradley and see what they. If yours is working as intended, over time you will get use to how to set that panel. Setting the panel works much better in warmer weather.

I'm still getting a stronger smoke taste than I would like. How much smoke did you apply to the loin?
I have gone back and done more testing.

The top lights are indeed working, but are absolutely too dim.  Poor design choice there.

The control panel is extremely finicky.  Again, poor design, but it does appear to be functional.

As for the quality and quantity of the smoke, it is fine,  It appears to be getting a fairly complete burn out of each bisquette, possibly a more complete burn than out of the OBS.

I did a pork loin last week and the hickory bisquettes were quite flavorful.

I'm just not sure if the thing is working as well as it could/should, or if its just too damned quirky and finicky..
You will waste time and money looking for a specialized place where the paper will be sold. If you want to replace the foil, I advise you to purchase parchment paper. In the case of cooking meat, there is no special paper.
If you are going to cook macaroons, you will need silicone-coated parchment paper. For the rest, anyone will do. I recently ordered Mediterranean food catering for my wife's birthday celebration. We used foil to transport meat because it does not leak.
Therefore, think before buying parchment paper. Good luck!
The New Bradley Professional Smoker (BS1019) / Re: Open Letter to Wade Bradley
« Last post by tvp on May 06, 2022, 09:44:56 am »
So based on the thread on the P10…..sounds like there are sensor issues, puck heater issues, and issues to clear stuck pucks in the turntable mechanism.

Is the P10 still a worth while purchase at this time or do we wait for the upgraded model to fix these issues.

Or out of hundreds sold or thousands……it’s a isolated problem

The New Bradley Professional Smoker (BS1019) / Re: P10…….$ 1000.00 question?
« Last post by tvp on May 06, 2022, 09:11:20 am »
Thanks for the reply , I guess I’m trying to figure out if Bradley has made changes to address the issues that members on this form have stated , pucks getting stuck…..control panel …..shipping dented units…..sensors shutting the unit off etc……

It looks like a great design and love the idea of software upgrades….was going to order on line to take advantage of 15% off this weekend…..but a little concerned that Bradley has not reacted to the issues

Hi tvp,

Welcome to the forum.

I don't give advice on to when or if one should purchase a product. I can only provide information so that you can make a more informed decision.

First Bradley does have a current promotion; 15% off anything ordered from them online. I've had the P10 for almost 2 years, and have not had any mechanical problems; except for a jammed bisquette, and I can add that removing the screws from the turntable to do repairs and maintenance is difficult.

Since I've had mine, Bradley has made some upgrades in software, and to the electronics. So I may be comparing apples to oranges. Bradley has great customer service, but my complaint with them is when there seems to be a "wide spread" problem they won't share that information with their customers, and will work internally to resolve the problem. And this leads to a lot of frustration with the customer base. So there may have been a batch of P10's that were manufactured with bad sensors.

Keep in mind that many new members come to this forum because they experience a problem; less so than those that are pleased with their product. Is there a problem "Yes"!! How wide spread is it, I don't know. I can tell you that when the P10 is running properly, it works well. If something goes bad, Bradley Customer service with work with you to fix the problem. Though paying that much for a smoker, it can be very frustrating when it is not working right.
The New Bradley Professional Smoker (BS1019) / P10…….$ 1000.00 question?
« Last post by tvp on May 05, 2022, 05:40:58 pm »
Looking at upgrading my Bradley digital 4 rack smoker to the new P10 unit, but Seams like there are some design or manufacturer issues with this model.From the forum it seams like there are a number of issues that have not been resolved yet… it too early to buy the P10 …..should I wait and continue using the Digital 4 rack ??
Same here in Florida.  New P10 in January 2022, use 4 times. Easter Sunday the bisquette burn stopped working, nor ERR code, nothing. No smoke.
Round and round with Customer Service. New cable sent, after inventory was completed, one week delay.
No instructions, terrible owners manual. Sent another email yesterday, Sunday. Got a reply his morning with detailed instructions (which are not available on the web site, as far I can find).
But after reading these posts, I'm not even sure I'm going to attempt the repair.   >:(

The P10 was great, when it worked.  It is my 3rd Bradley Smoker. Like most of you, I've been a BS customer for 10-15 years, and have always been high on them.

Since this is where folks come to find help with a faulty smoker, I wonder what percentage of P10s are faultless through a year of use, vs. the broken ones like we have.

Even if I do the repair, I'll never trust the P10 again.  Too bad, an exceptional product that was not ready for mass production.

Bradley - you need to hire a customer service/communications expert to help you save your customer base.
I used to feel the same way you do - it's to save money; but also there may not have been enough room to add an extra digit without making the LED display smaller. But I've changed my mind when the P10 was released. The P10 only allows you to set a maximum time of 10 hours. The P10 has the room to display longer times than 10 hours,  but the user is not allowed to do so. So I also have a feeling that it may be do to some insurance or other legal liability. Such as allowing the end user to leave the smoker unattended for too long.

I have had problems of forgetting to reset the time on the P10. So now I set a timer (either kitchen or my iPhone) to go off after a certain amount of hours to remind me to reset the P10. Or if it is an overnight cook, I will reset the time just before going to bed.
I have the digital smoker and the digital timer only goes to 9:40.  Why is that?  To save money on needing an extra digit on the display?  It seems silly since some meats like brisket or large pork roasts require much longer than 10 hours.  More than once I have had the oven time out and the temp start dropping before I realize I need to reset it.
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