temp and time for chicken legs?

Started by tinger82, June 19, 2010, 03:51:12 PM

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What temp and time does everybody do for their chicken legs? I never smoked chicken before so I could use some pointers.


Vent wide open.

Couple hrs of smoke.

Smoker as close to 250* as possible.

Cook till IT of 160* to 165*

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I'm smoking chicken legs right now.   I put them on the bottom rack, vent wide open, at max temp on my OBS.  Of course, with all that chicken in there, the max temp ain't all that high.   I'm going to cook them in the smoker until the juices run clear (as oppposed to a bloody color) then finish on a hot grill for just a few minutes to crisp up the skin as soon as they come out of the smoker.  (I expectd them to be in the smoker for 2 to 2 1/2 hours, and I'm using 2 hours of apple smoke.)

I'm doing them the same way I did wings in this thread:

Full disclosure of my own stupidity:  I was in a rush, and I forgot to advance the bisquettes, so for the first thirty minutes they cooked without smoke.  And for the first little while, I forgot to open the vent all the way.   I should have had a better plan, but I just bought these wings about 4:15 pm today.
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What CRG said.  You may want to rotate the racks from top to bottom and front to back to ensure even cooking.  If the top rack is empty, put a little bowl under the vent to catch any "black rain".


Thanks guys I got some hindquaters ill try it out tomorrow


EZ and StickyDan both gave you some excellent info.

Show us some pics.

We are food porn junkies!


I  do chicken legs all the time.  I set the temp for 250 and smoke the first two hours.  Usually takes between 3 and 4 hours.  The meat will start to pull back from the bone and tell you when its done....
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I don't know if my temp gauge is off but I couldn't get it up to 250 had it turned all the way up for 2 and half hours and only got up too 220 with the vent half open and only opened smoker too rotate once. Is this normal?

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I think most of us do poultry with vent wide open. I also agree with the crisping on the grill, the Bradley does not reach high enough temps to fire off the skin, I think 300 deg or better is needed.
I do a smoke on legs or quarters and put them in a char-broil big easy to fire off the skin. You get the flavor of the smoke with the crispy skin, just like fried.


Just got word from my dad and he loved it and wants to use my smoker so it was a success