Bacon Explosion awweeee-Yeah!

Started by waterkc, July 02, 2010, 10:46:48 PM

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Had to share this with everyone, I know its and old time favorite. I could feel my heart slow down as I ate it and it was great.

Fresh out of the Smoker....

On the grill to add some sauce and caramelize it.

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Looks Great. How could it be wrong it's BACON!!
Bacon is the Crack Cocaine of the Food World.

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Humm, now I'm in the mood to make one. That looked good!
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Fantastic stuff! I've done three now and am starting to get requests from various relatives and friends. One buddy figures I could sell them on the streets like crack cocaine - he's addicted! Each one has been different. The last one I did was stuffed with leftover cream cheese & italian sausage mixture from stuffing Atomic Buffalo Turds (another new favourite). It turned out great! And I have learned which brands are good for weaving and which are not.
Cheers & Happy Smoking,

(I have Mr. Walleye's pulled beef in the smoker right now.)

Uncle Pigfat

I've also done my fair share of bacon exploding.  I usually make them as kind of a gimmicky side for whatever else I'm smoking since you really can't mess them up.  My friends love them.  We call the slices meat cookies.  I've eaten so many now though that the smell alone almost inspires a gag reflex.  I'm not sure my heart can take any more.


Yet to make one but it coming soon, because like yours they look so good I can't wait!


Smokin Soon

That is really the cool thing about fatty's wrapped in Bacon. There are no limitations, no rules. Just Imagination! Just do it.  ;D