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Started by mhiykmeel63, April 15, 2011, 06:46:56 PM

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Hey guys I have some questions for y'all. Im doing about 8lbs of country style bone in  ribs Sunday, how much smoke time? I'm thinkin 3 hours, that about right? The other question is can I smoke a whole chicken at the same time? I have the 6 rack so Im not worried about room but is there anything special I need to do? Any help you can give me is really appreciated, thanx!!


I would cook the ribs at the 3-2-1 method , so 3 hours of smoke to start. I usually add another hour of smoke at the endduring the last "1".
As far as the chicken, I never cook poultry with anything else. Bit if you do, make sure the chicken is at the bottom so as not to drip on the other meats.
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Thanx for the help Gus, I was worried about the chicken dripping on the ribs.