Wild Hog shoulder in the smoker pics

Started by wthr_dude, February 26, 2012, 04:26:17 AM

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As promised here are pictures with more to come

Slathered with mustard

Got the rub on on good and thick, and now its off to the fridge til morning

out of the fridge and into the smoker for about 4hrs of apple smoke at 220 degrees

Changing out the water and its looking pretty good and cooking pretty quick already up to 145 degrees

Out of the smoker and out of the foil after about an hour


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And finally the money shot  8)

Pulled the meat out at about 170 degrees after around 10hrs total smoke/cook time and it was definitely done, the bone was pulling away and the skin was peeling away.  This could possibly be the best pork I have done yet!!!


Heck yeah. That one came out looking good.

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Thanks for sharing.I swear I can almost smell it lol.
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