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Started by whitetailfan, February 02, 2006, 04:37:01 PM

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For 2 days now I have deleted posts because I'm trying to link to other sites and it's not working!  I have done this on numerous occasions before and I have my nestling right because the link is there on my post and it opens a new window, but the page I'm trying to get to is incomplete or wrong.  Is it just my cutting and pasting of the URL?  Anyone else having trouble?

This moring I was trying to copy a link to e-bay where an autographed Nickelback poster is ending and it's here in Lethbridge and for charity.  I could not afford to bid on it, but I offered to pick it up (free shipping) and then ship it to the winner on my quarter, if a forum member won it.  Nice thought, but now to no avail[}:)]

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I have been having nothing but trouble posting here. I hope Bradley pays more attention and fixes this issue. This is the worst forum I have ever used. I believe there is a simple fix for this. I don't believed this was a progressive issue. I think all was ok then one day it wasn't. I just do not believe they are making any attempt to look into this. I am just a dumb Phone Guy what do I know.


I have to agree, it's really been frustrating trying to post on here lately.

I find it hard to believe that Bradley doesn't realize how this forum benefits their business. If they do, they have a strange way of showing it. Not only has this forum brought new customers (myself included) it also provides a wealth of information to existing ones.