Heat issues after replacing heating element.

Started by dewelle, April 04, 2012, 11:42:14 PM

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I know someone has probably asked about this, sorry that it's probably a repeat.  Before replacing my heating element, if I maxed out the heat on my unit it would reach about 250 degrees (I would normally cook at around 220-225).  Since replacing my heating element, the hottest I can get my unit up to is 175.  Tips?

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Hi dewelle;

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Can you provide further information; such as:
What model do you have?

What are you using to measure the cabinet temperature? (If using a probe, where are you placing it?)

Is the 175°F measured when the cabinet was empty?

Any significant change in the ambient temperature?

Have you added more appliances on that circuit, or are you using a long extension cord or one that is no capable of cariryng enough amperage? etc

It appears that you are getting some heat from the element, the bisquette burner will not provide that much heat by itself, unless the smoker is in full sun. If you have the Original (OBS), make sure your slider is all the way to the right. Also check all the wiring to the element and make sure that the wiring is not loose. If it is loose tighten the nuts up a bit. Occasionally when the element is changed, you can pull the element out too far while the wires are still attached. It is possible you may have loosen one or more wires that connect to the plug. The only way to check this is to remove the back panel.

You can find more tips:

Bradley FAQ's



Welcome aboard. Looks like Habs has all the questions covered. Let us know what you find out.

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