4 hours of Mesquite

Started by pondee, August 18, 2013, 05:49:23 PM

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In my opinion is a bit too much for a 4 pound chuck roast.


In my opinion, it is too much for anything : )  I don't like mesquite as I always have found it too strong. Hickory is my go to wood.
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Since we're talking opinions, we love mesquite of course it runs neck and neck with pecan here in Texas. I use mesquite for the denser thick meats and apple and pecan for everything else.


I'm in the GusRobin camp for this.........way to strong for me with any kind of meat.


you also could mix the flavors of wood, such as  hickory and  apple..  get a  sweet smoked flavor and  not as  strong as  hickory and not as  sweet as apple.. mixture of the two


I like mesquite, but I would have to agree on mixing it up a bit with other woods. A full smoke with it might be to much especially with only a 4lbs Roast.
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