Started by KARENCOOKS, July 28, 2006, 11:02:05 AM

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I have a 4 =- lb wild boar shoulder, true bow and arrow caught in the wild, not farm raised. I tried the picnic cut ribs braised in a ragu, simmered for about 4 hours and never did tender-up.  The shoulder has a bit more fat, but not as much as a commercial pig, any way to get this tender in the BS? Anybody done one for pulled pork?  Any timing/temp hints would be helpful

Or should I just make sausage?

BTW, you guys are a wealth of information, my ribs, chicken, salmon, and lamb are all better for the info you post here, many, many thanks

We're finally out of the 100+ weather, so if the fishing gods are with us, tomorrow will have a load of Kokanee for the smoker!! Can't wait!!


I have never done a Boar but I think I would treat it like pork. Being carefull not to dry it out because it isn't as fatty as domestic pork. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


Karen -
During my days in North Florida, we used to have wild boar regularly at our weekend-long music parties. As I recall, it was just roasted low and slow over charcoal or wood, probably indirectly (I wasn't cooking/smoking in those days), frequently with an armadillo and/or rattlesnakes thrown on - whatever else was caught/shot during the previous 48 hours. So I think I'd agree with Bassman. Let us know how it turns out.
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