11.5 Pounds Of Jerky

Started by agent provocateur, August 13, 2006, 07:27:03 PM

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agent provocateur

i got all lickered up last knight watching the beers beet the cowboys...

i was drenking jerky margaretas... 1 part tekella 1 part grand menyah 1 part triple seck 1 part jerky...

them jerky margaretas really loostened me up... that... man o man... i pooped the bed...


Plop Plop oh what a relief it was. Opps, wrong commercial. :D ;D


hey there agent, smokergirl here- Last seen begging for jerkey info!  This is not exactly what I was looking for when I opened your bit. Who  actually asked for your little documentary?
Serves you right not being able to crap- there is a web site just for you called Dumb Little Man- What possessed you to do this?
Hope its a bet and your gonna win enough for a home enema kit

Heres to it all coming out "eventually"


West Coast Kansan

 :D  :D Yea AP have you no pride  ???


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NOW THAT'S A SMOKED OYSTER (and some scallops)



Quote from: West Coast Kansan on September 27, 2007, 07:50:02 PM
:D  :D Yea AP have you no pride  ???


Yeah that pic is disgusting!.......................The sheet is crumpled!
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Lil, I would agree.  Maybe NePa's finest can take some time out on their next leave to show AP the proper way to make up the bed.  Bounce that quater at least 2 inches.
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