New Digital 4 rack not working

Started by babinsj, January 15, 2016, 04:54:43 PM

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Hello all!
I own a digital 6  rack that I works perfectly.
I bought a digital 4 rack today for my brother and there is a problem. All cords are plugged in and seated properly. The fuses appear to be good. When I plug the main power cord into an outlet, I get a light blinking in the upper right corner of the control panel. It blinks every 3-4 seconds or so. It won't power on. I plugged the cabinet directly into the outlet and the heating element seems to be working properly, so I think the problems lies with the controller.
Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi babinsj;

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It could be as simple as a loose wire inside the generator, or as bad as a failed control panel. Open the generator and check to ensure that all the wiring is firmly connected.
How To Clean (Open) The Generator

Also unplug the wiring that connects to the panel, and check to make sure none of the pins are bent or missing. It you have a defective panel, call Bradley on Monday.
Digital Smoker Won't Turn On

Other tips and troubleshooting information:
Bradley FAQ's



Thank you for the suggestions!
I unplugged, inspected and reconnected every connection I could find inside the generator with no change.
Looks like a call to Bradley on Monday.


Wanted to update.
I called Bradley's customer service and described the issue I was having. She immediately said that they'd send a replacement smoke generator. I should have it within a few days.
This was probably the best Customer Service experience I've ever had with any company.