Holes in Chez Bubba Pucks

Started by Boybach, March 27, 2007, 07:27:01 AM

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Don't want another smoke generator packing in so wondering did you drill holes in the alu pucks to lighten them up a bit or do you advise leaving well alone?

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This is one that is personal prefernce.I would like to also see if the weight puts that much of a strain on the gen motors.I use 3 pucks and its been a year with alot of stuff going thru this bs and not a hickup yet.So yea na its a coin toss with no real testing done to figure out which is better.Maybe time to go to the bradley smoking lab and do a test.Just my 2 cents.Me personally i wouldnt waste my time doing the hole thing id take that time and rub some ribs to throw on the bs and call it a day. .lol  ;D

Just another weekend with the smoker...


QuoteMe personally i wouldnt waste my time doing the hole thing id take that time and rub some ribs to throw on the bs and call it a day. .lol 

ditto......used bubba pucks for 2 years...no problems, still got my original generator
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As the OEM for, (and longest user of.. ;) ), Bubba Pucks, I'd have to side with Icerat and Boxer on this one, Boybach.

When I started developing an advancing chip which became the 'Bubba Puck', I originally was going to use a glazed ceramic puck and decided against it because of questionable durability...SS chip went out the window because of cost of product/production. Aluminum became the stock of choice due to it choice balance of weight/cost/durability/clean-up. I opted to not drill for weight because of two factors....extra cost of machining AND considerable testing didn't demonstrate a need for it. Over three years of production and distribution internationally, (ThanX to exclusive distributer, Chez Bubba!), with no reports of any problems seems to validate keeping this original design and keeping the price down to a minimum as a result........Like Ratman, I'd concentrate my efforts on perfecting smoked Nervana... ;)


Boybach : I haven't drilled my bubba pucks yet, i am thinking about doing them, as i use 3, and i just think that when all 3 finally get on the ramp at the last stage, the motor is actually pushing the weight of all 3 pucks. Does this put a strain on the motor/mechanism ?, my BS gets plenty of use and i always use 3 bubba pucks, and so far i've had no issues at all. but i think it wouldn't hurt to lighten them up a bit, that can only be a good thing i'd say.

I can see Rats point though every time i get my BS i just want to smoke something!  ;D

Anyway, when i get a bit of time i'll probably drill them  ;)

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Hi Boybach, I am firmly in the camp of leaving well alone. I had two faulty smoke generators to start with but the third one has worked faultlessly for a good while now and I have been using Bubba Pucks for the whole time.

IMHO the bubba pucks do not seem to put excess strain on the push mechanism. Most of the faults seem to manifest themselves soon after purchase and once you get a "good" generator they seem to perform well for many years with or without the use of bubba pucks.

That's my two pence/cents worth!!  ;)


Habanero Smoker

I've been using Bubba pucks for over two years. Generally loading 12 pucks, two Bubba Puck, and one additional puck. I don't believe they put any more wear and tear on the generator, than if I had loaded the tube full of pucks. If that much weight had a effect on the mechanism, I don't believe that Bradley would have made their loading tube so long.



I wonder if drilling them would reduce the effectiveness of cleaning the burner plate?
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Dont know of an issue with the B Pucks.  The lighter ones are good on a wimpy advance mechanism.  The advance could use some cleaning / maaintence etc first but lighter pucks will help with skipping when things get to that point. Had a generator that was just weak - even when cleaned and the lighter pucks are fine with it.  Current generator i think would advance with a Buick sitting on it... no issues at all.

I drilled my holes through the flat sides, still seems to clean well but i like NePa approach also.  May do some of those in addition. 

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NOW THAT'S A SMOKED OYSTER (and some scallops)


Thank you all for your replies and whilst I acknowledge there are two camps I think that I'll take note of the reply from Kummock who states as inventor he has done the tests and is happy as is, and that I should devote my time to learning how to cook and not how to drill pucks. This I intend doing as no doubt you are all aware I have lost a lot of time putting the theory I am learning from you all into practise. Roll on this week-end ;D ;D ;D

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QuoteI have lost a lot of time putting the theory I am learning from you all into practise. Roll on this week-end

Anything in particular planned for the BS at the weekend Boyback?  :)


Yes sir
I am going to cold smoke a piece of salmon for 3 hours by the John Watkins remote method and then going to reattach the generator to the cabinet, turn up the heat and  hot smoke a piece of salmon asper Kummocks method and Lilsmoker's recommendation, for like him I've never before tried hot smoked salmon. So guys this week-end I'm in two feet first, and besides the fish at the same time I'm going to try a small rack of ribs and a piece of brisket. I hope the same temperatures will do this or if I'm making a fundemental mistake please warn me for I now have a lot to prove to Ma'am the wait was worthwhile. Wish me luck and please someone tell me in layman's language how do I get some photos on here to show you what I'm up to
Thanks again in advance

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Hi Neil,

Kummock's hot smoked salmon is excellent, like LS I throughly recommend it and tend to hot smoke more than cold smoke salmon now.

Yes you can do ribs and brisket at the same cabinet temperature (around 205 - 210F / 96 - 98C) although the ribs will be done quicker than the brisket. However that can be checked by keeping an eye on internal meat temperature using a separate thermometer. The Maverick ET-73 dual probe is best but I had to get one sent from the US as they are not on sale here in the UK. Bradley do a suitable digital thermometer which is ok for starters until perhaps you can get an ET-73 organised:


Personally I would not do fish and meat in the BS at the same time as you may get juices from one dropping on the other as well as the smell of one tainting the other.

With regards to photo's I think many people here subscribe to Photobucket (basic account is FOC):


Once the pics are hosted on photobucket they can be inserted into Bradley Forum posts using the "insert image" icon on the "post reply" or "stat new topic" page. Somewhere there is a more comprehensive post regarding posting pics if you do a search, failing that ask specific questions if you get stuck and someone vastly more experienced than me on posting pictures (not difficult!) can help out.

One more thing.......... GOOD LUCK!  ;) :D


Tiny Tim

Well, Manx beat me to it, but, I'll take a stab at tellin' ya how to get your photos here too.  First, you need a host for the pics...I use a free website from Yahoo/geocities that I made up a few years ago and still have the server space, others use Photobucket.com, and I know there are more out there, find one you're comfortable with.  Once you get the pics uploaded to your "host" server, use the "insert image" button from your post reply box (second row, second from left), [ img ] and [ /img ] will show up, without the spaces (you can also type this stuff), type or paste the address to the pic you want to post where I have the word "and".

That should get it done, let me know if you're more confused now than you were before I tried this. :D