Waiting on my new OBS !!!!

Started by ananomoly, November 13, 2008, 11:47:28 AM

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Mr Walleye

Welcome to the forum Ananomoly!

Waiting is the hardest part!  ;)

Keep us posted on how you make out....


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While you are waiting you should check out the recipie site. It will give you a bunch of great ideas to try.
Welcome. pens

Mr Walleye

Pens is right.... Just click on the smoker in the bottom of my post and you will be taken to the recipe site.


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Thanks... already have been there...just sitting around here jonesen. ::) :o


welcome to the forum Anan and enjoy lots of good information here along  with good people as i am currently  cooking  tri tip for dinner tonight ... already  looking  good


Welcome aboard!  You're gonna love your OBS and the folks on this forum.  They are very generous with their knowledge and support.



     Only been an OBS owner a short time and these people are fantastic, and will help you with everything, they sure guided me along, even with my crazy questions ;)
I am so glad I got into this.
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Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of BS.  Keep us up to date on your experiences.
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Smokin Soon

Welcome to the forum, anomaly! I cruised the forum for a couple of weeks before I got mine and it really helped me hit the ground runnin! Some new owners try to do a motherload of meat on the first go, thats setting yourself up for a let down. Get to know your cook times vs. load a little bit. A 10 or 15 degree drop in outside temp will effect the cook times you thought you knew. Nothing worse than looking at a house
full of starving people! Yer gonna luv it!


W E L C O M E  to the Forum ananomoly!

You're gonna love the food that comes out of your BS.
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Welcome to the forum ananomoly!

Your gonna love your new smoker!  And the wealth of knowledge and friendship on this forum is incredible, once again welcome aboard and keep us posted!  Oh yeah......gotta use mesquite!  ;D  I'm supposed to say that!

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Welcome ananomoly! You are gonna love the Bradley.