Cabelas Stuffer container stand for easy filling

Started by drano, December 31, 2008, 09:20:48 PM

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If you have a Cabelas stuffer and would like the container to stand up by itself for refilling, make a simple base like I did in the pics below. 

The pieces are cut from a 2x4, and cut to the same width as the 2x4 is thick (mine was 1 7/16")
The 2 long side pieces are 5 1/4"
The short block between them is 2 3/8"
Cut a piece of 1/8" hard board to hold them (mine is 5 1/4" square)

Wood screw the pieces to the hardboard.  Countersink the screws below flush to prevent the screw heads from scratching your (wife's) counter.  Also run a long wood screw thru the sides into the back block, as seen on the side photo. 

Set the container in the stand, and set it close to the edge of the counter so the lock ring hangs over the edge as seen in the second picture.

I fill the container with that big spoon in the second pic.  I picked it up at a restaurant supply store, and bent it almost 90 degrees so I can reach into the container and smash the meat down.  If you can find a long handled spoon with a thicker handle, it would work better.  The thin edge of this one tends to cut into the hand a bit.

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Great idea.

When I get around to making mine I'm thinking about using glue to attach the hardboard to the wood.



I like this idea!!

I usually have rubber gloves on when stuffing. So refilling is done by hand, so i can do my best to eliminate any air pockets in the canister.
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Quote from: Tenpoint5 on January 01, 2009, 08:44:51 AM
I like this idea!!

I usually have rubber gloves on when stuffing. So refilling is done by hand, so i can do my best to eliminate any air pockets in the canister.

I wear gloves during stuffing, same as 10.5 and use my hands for filling the stuffer.

Excellent idea on the stand for the Cabelas Stuffer Drano!  ;)

I'll be making one of these today because I plan on doing a 60 to 80 lb batch this weekend.


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That's a great idea Drano.  Still need to get the stuffer, but I'll bookmark this for when I finally get one.

Sweet Fancy Moses, Pens!  You must be the most popular guy in the neighborhood after making that much!  Perhaps 10 pounds for JoePa after today's win (hopefully)?  ;D

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I wear kevlar gloves when cutting, yellow dish washing gloves when mixing up the meat/spice/water, but just use the spoon to load the suffer.  It packs it down pretty good.

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Having found a nice stuffer base is a great excuse to buy the stuffer that goes with it!


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I really love Cabella's stuff and do not want to send a negative note, but I don't really understand why the Cabella does not stand on it's own.
I have the one from Northern Tool, which I thought was the same one. Mine will sit there on the counter and let you reload. Is the Cabella's a round bottom?


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The cabelas base is a cast piece that is basically flat with the outlet pipe extending out the bottom.  Because of the pipe, which is about 1.5" in diameter, the stuffer will not sit on its own.  You can envision how this outlet pipe seats into the stand I made by looking at the pics. 
If you look into the top of the container, the meat outlet is in the middle and transitions to the round pipe-looking shape that is threaded to hold the stuffer tube nut. 
Think of it as a single cast piece that resembles welding a 90 degree elbow to a hole in the container bottom. 
I'm sure I made this clear as mud.
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