Week Long Smoke-a-thon

Started by classicrockgriller, September 14, 2009, 06:14:46 PM

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Thunder and lighting woke me up....Gabi is at 208 by bradley calibration.
I took a pic ans shut the door.
This is 12 hrs from start.

No IT probe...ok hold on...154.


looking good crg, your off to one heck of a start, nice to have some ABT to snack on wile your making the rest of the goodness. The butts are looking like a work of art. Keep it going and most of all have fun.


Wow. That sure is some gooding eats ya got there.  :P


I can't wait to come over for the samples!
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IT is 160 at 7:30, 14 hrs into the smoke.


25 hrs......

IT hit 186 and out they came

One on left is Hab's rub, other is old man down the street rub


Nice looking Butts there CRG. What's next for tomorrow?
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Great job CRG, has me thinking of what to smoke for the weekend ;D



Thanks for the compliments. I have chewed out butts, kiss butt, but never smoked a butt till I got my
Gabi and lurked here in this forum. So this was my first one and it was good. I appreciate all the info I
have gathered from the sharing of ya'lls knowledge here. Sure did make it easy for a newbie.
I got 9 1/2 lbs of pork from those butts. Starting weight was 17.76 lbs.

Thanks again !


Way to go CRG!  Those look great.  I don't care what rub you used just as long as you got to rub a butt or two! ;)



Wow, those twins sure do look good. Inspiring me to do another one soon. Thanks :)


What! Did I here you say it was easy? Dont ever let your spouse here that  :D

Nice, those look so good i almost stuck a fork in my screen.

I really like the color of the bark

Ok now I'm really hungry,good thing its only 15 min till lunch time

So whats next ? 


They look great!! Whats next?? Sounds Like you have a dream week ahead of you!


I had a day trip planned before I decided to do this smoke-a-thon. Round trip to Houston is 3 hrs.
I had taken out some boneless ckicken thighs last nite and marinated them (McCormick mesquite
marinade) this morn. I left here at 9 and got back at 4. I called my butcher on my way back home,
and picked up 3 boneless pork slabs (ie bst butt). I got a ton of carnitas (pork pieces) out of the
butts. I decided to use apple without grilling them.