Finally! Crispy Turkey Legs

Started by Smokin Soon, September 22, 2008, 12:49:53 PM

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Smokin Soon

Picked up a Char Broil Infra-Red Oilless Fryer yesterday and decided to try it out. I was never satisfied with the skin before, even finishing on the oven.

Brined with some spices Morton TQ and brown sugar for 12 hours and into the Bradly for 3 hours of Apple

Smokin Soon

Crammed into the basket

Into the Big Easy, This thing is fast and hot!

The skin was like deep fried. Amazing!


Those look great. I never heard of an IR frier. May need to look at them a little more.  :)

Smokin Soon

I was so happy with the turkey legs I did the same routine with some wings. No brining, an hour and a half of Apple smoke and into the Big Easy.
The basket has a Bradley rack I chopped to fit. The top layer I used 2 bacon hooks and and let the wings cook at a nice upwards angle

Once again, this thing is hot and fast. I had fully cooked browned crispy wings in about 30 minutes after the smoke. Must use a ton of propane!

Ready for sauce

Sauced up his & hers, hot and not so much.....

The pile on the right is the fire side.......pounding my chest now!

Mr Walleye

Smoking Soon... Those look fantastic!  8)

I was wondering how those oil-less deepfryer worked.


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Dang SS that looks great!  I see another tool to put on my wish list!

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!

La Quinta

I am also intrigued by the oiless tell well as that $50 bill!!!  :D Can ya tell I'm a reformed accountant? ;D Grub looks awesome...well done!!   :)

Smokin Soon

La Quinta, the wifey returned from a Vegas junket and returned with shirt intact! The 50 spot was borrowed from me as well as my camera. She saw the mess I was making and retreated!
The Big Easy does what it is supposed to do, and very fast. It seems they have increased the size of the unit as the ones in Costco will do a 24 lb turkey, but this is the original unit that maxes out with
a 16 pounder. Their websight does not state this but I suspect mine is soon to be discontinued, I found it local for 85.00. The Costo unit is 159.00 I think. Gotta try some more stuff, but really pleased with it so far.

La Quinta

I like it...gotta go on-line and Costco and take a peak at it!! Gonna check Home Depot and Lowes too. Neighbor is a Home Depot Manager...may make him do some stealth research on a sale item!!! My brother has the oil turkey fryer and I gotta tell ya...I'm too nervous...flame+oil=BAD...just my brother loves that damn thing!!

Thanks for the post!!


I have heard so much about good taste results with oil fryers I always wanted one but never would buy one because of the hastle of dealing with the left over oil (and cost of purchasing).  This may be the answer to that issue but the big question is how does it taste in comparison to an oil fryer?
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Habanero Smoker

It may have been you or another member who has one and posted some information. I was very intrigued but forgot about them. At that time there were no accessories. I was checking on line yesterday and learned they now have baskets or shelves that can go in them. Each basket will hold one chicken horizontally, or what ever you want to put in them.



Looking good smoking soon. I have a spot for one of those on my patio.....
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Before work I went on the internet to research the fryer and all the reviews were positive. I may have a place for one also. Just think, in winter I could cook a turkey and heat my garage at the same time.


La Quinta

It would be great for the winter...we're still just laying the turkey on a sheet pan outside...the skin gets nice and crispy!!!   :D Oh I'm just kiddin!!  ;D

Smokin Soon

Giz, I cannot compare to a fryer, as I never had one. I have done a lot of chicken in my time and never got the uniform golden color without oil that this produces. I think it s a perfect complement for a Bradley.
Give it the smoke, blast it crisp and cooked with the pot. One other thing, the amount of fat removed while cooking is twice the volume you have seen before. Gotta be some benefit for that.